First up in our ever-changing and limited-edition runs of mugs is the classic white CYP|cup, incorporating bold black text, a green dividing line and the Cypopgraphy logo – being white in colour it has a ‘look carpy fast’ guarantee when unwashed but will also stay gleaming, should you take pride in a clean cup.

The second in line, the 8-Ball mug, features a high-gloss black finish, white detailing and the 'one more cyp' warning message – being black in colour it’s perfect for disguising the dirt and is the obvious choice for the lazy angler.

Both will fit a healthy amount of tea or coffee within their walls, boast an all-season weather rating and double up as lovely hand warmers when full.

The mugs are priced at £5.99, plus postage and packaging.

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Everyone loves a sticker and we intend to keep our designs fresh and on the move. The sticker sets will be produced in short and limited runs and the 6 designs available in each set will change over time.

Made from an extremely robust, water-proof and high gloss material they’re built for the angler, and the circular versions have been designed to fit perfectly onto your pop-up lids. Be it your water butt, your tackle box or even your car windows these stickers will stick, and stay stuck.

The stickers are priced at £5, including postage.

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CYP 14 sees Jake Wildbore return to a water that holds a special place in not only his fishing, but the hearts of carp anglers across the Uk; Horseshoe Lake. The resulting Session film is our most action-packed to date, with surface sport, some sneaky marginal manoeuvres and out-in-the-pond action too!

Our big interview takes us into suburban London, to Simon Hartop’s house not far from the concrete banks of the mighty Thames. His fascinating interview covers his capture of a previously unknown Colne-Valley forty, his work with SubSurface, and the BCSG, as well as his love affair with the Thames itself.

Added to that little lot, we also have Scott Lloyd’s capture of a lifetime, the tactics that changed the game for Mark Bryant, the words of wisdom that Martin Pick still carries with him, James Armstrong on watercraft and a mouthwatering pasta dish that Kurt the Chef reckons is the perfect winter warmer!



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