Carp films might be our bread and butter but there’s more to Cyp than moving image, we’re a proper brand, and that means having a clothing range.

It took far longer than we ever expected to get these garments over the finish line but we’re sure they’ve been worth the wait.

Combining comfort, style and seasonal suitability with quality was no easy task but he have achieved what we set out to do and the result is laid before you.

All items available in sizes M, L, XL and XXL.

All European Postage Charges outside of UK require a Surcharge (please add to basket if ordering outside of the UK)


Black, Arctic Camo Hoody

A very warm, heavyweight, REGULAR FIT hoody with a large front pocket/pouch, adjustable hood and artic camo logo. £34.99


Black, Arctic Camo Hoody

Melange Grey, Arctic Camo T-Shirt

Standard fit, Arctic camo logo. £17.99


Melange Grey, Arctic Camo T-Shirt

Ash Grey, Stark Hoody

A very warm, heavyweight, SLIM FIT hoody with two front pockets and adjustable hood and minimal logo. We recommend ordering a size above your usual for a more traditional fit as they do come up small. £34.99


Ash Grey, Stark Hoody

Stone Wash Green, Stark T-Shirt

Standard Fit, minimal logo. £17.99


Stone Wash Green, Stark T-Shirt


The latest in our range of limited-edition Cypography mugs is gloss grey with a minimalistic design, featuring the CYP logo and #cypography printed in black text! A firm favourite of those we’ve shown this too prior to release and hopefully one you guys will love too!

All of our mugs will fit a healthy amount of tea or coffee within their walls, boast an all-season weather rating and double up as lovely hand warmers when full.

£6.99, plus postage and packaging.

CYP Mugs:



Everyone loves a sticker and we intend to keep our designs fresh and on the move. The sticker sets will be produced in short and limited runs and the 6 designs available in each set will change over time.

Made from an extremely robust, water-proof and high gloss material they’re built for the angler, and the circular versions have been designed to fit perfectly onto your pop-up lids. Be it your water butt, your tackle box or even your car windows these stickers will stick, and stay stuck.

The stickers are priced at £5, including postage.




It simply doesn’t get more ‘big-carp’ than this month’s lineup! We grabbed the cameras and headed to the wilds of Lincolnshire (ok, it wasn’t that wild) to film a gripping interview with Jason Hayward, a true big-carp man who’s perhaps best known as the first man to bank the Black Mirror. Now, while our chunky interview concentrated on many aspects of Jason’s life and fishing, we just couldn’t resist having him tell the story of that monumental capture for you to enjoy. The capture was iconic, and the tale is suitably epic too! We also got his thoughts on hook sharpening, rigs (and he’s a serious secret squirrel too) and the mentality that makes him so consistent.

Our Session film took us to Reading & District Angling Association’s unique Junction 12 lake, with another angler that dared to do what other only talked about and crossed paths with the Black Mirror… Jon McAllister. As well as being quite the character, Jon has amassed a CV of big, history carp that would rival anyone, and we made sure to record exactly how one of the finest big-fish men of his generation goes about his fishing. Now, while filming our session, things took a surreal turn in the best possible way, when we got a call from former CYP guest, Jimmy Armstrong; he’d bagged a new PB, and Elliott and Dave hightailed it to record the event. Not to put to fine a point on it, what awaited them when they reached James is frankly one of the best commons in the UK right now, so you're in for a treat!

If that wasn’t enough live, big-carp footage (told you this was a BC issue…), we also caught up with Darrell Peck just in time to film him hoist an incredibly beautiful 40lb mirror for the cameras! What followed is a fascinating insight into his winter tactics which, let’s face it, seem to work pretty well!

The rest of CYP 015 features the welcome return of Elliott’s Cypographer diary, Mark Bryant’s brush with A&E, Martin Pick’s best blag, Simon Bater’s game changer, the moment that made Dave Levy exclaim, “What the f*@k?” as well as a review of new kit from Thinking Anglers and a life hack to keep you warm this winter!

Phew…. take a breath…



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Our mission is simple – to make beautiful fishing films that you’ll all love. Unfortunately for us, that’s where the simple bit ends. In order to make this happen we’re working hard to persuade the best names in angling to step in front of our cameras, then the pressure’s well and truly on to make something memorable! Fear not though, we’re confident that you’re going to love what we’ve got for you. We’re a passionate bunch here, and we want you to joins us as we journey in search of the beating heart of the UK carp scene. Take your first step and hit subscribe now! Thanks for reading!