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Urban angling in one of the most jaw-dropping locations that we've ever laid eyes on headlines an action-packed issue three. Our main film sees Elliott Gray join his good friend, low-profile big-carp man, Dave Robinson, at the Wharf Fishery in the heart of Cardiff's sprawling metropolis. It's Dave's first time in front of the cameras, so the pressure's on for the big man to hold it together and bank a Welsh whacker! It's certainly refreshing to see a new name given the chance to impress. One thing's for sure, there's never a dull moment when you're fishing in the centre of the Welsh capital, as you'll see when you hit that subscribe button.

This issue also sees the welcome return of Elliott's diary, and as usual, it's a procession of big, beautiful carp and gives a fascinating insight into Ell's angling – warts and all (just to clarify, he doesn't have warts, ok?). We've got the ever-popular Adam Penning revealing the most bizzare carp behaviour that he's ever seen, as well as a culinary feast for the senses courtesy of Kurt, our professional bankside chef.

We know that you like your kit as much as we do, so you'll find out which bed chair Elliott rates more highly than any other, and why (hint: it isn't the most expensive one!), and hear his thoughts on a brand-new hook range from RidgeMonkey; it's all in issue three of Cypography for your delectation!



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Our mission is simple – to make beautiful fishing films that you’ll all love. Unfortunately for us, that’s where the simple bit ends. In order to make this happen we’re working hard to persuade the best names in angling to step in front of our cameras, then the pressure’s well and truly on to make something memorable! Fear not though, we’re confident that you’re going to love what we’ve got for you. We’re a passionate bunch here, and we want you to joins us as we journey in search of the beating heart of the UK carp scene. Take your first step and hit subscribe now! Thanks for reading!