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CYP #25

We're marking a quarter century of issues with thirteen chapters of carpy goodness, across two and a half hours; it’s a powerhouse of an issue – here's the lowdown:

Neil Spooner and Myles Gibson both kick off new series in this month, in the shape of Myles' Ahead of the Game, and Neil's End Game – The Miracle Baby. Neil takes us deep into the heart of his latest big-fish obsession, as he zeroes in on James, 'The Miracle Baby’, one of the most sought-after carp in Essex. We're live on the banks of James' intimate, rural home, as Spoons walks us through his campaign to date and even catches one for the cameras.

Myles is reckoned to be one of the best big-carp men of his generation, with good reason. Despite being relatively young still, his focus and drive are massive (and his album’s tidy too). In his new series we're going to investigate each element that makes him the force of nature that he's turned out to be. Episode one kicks off with his take on mobility and harnessing the deep desire to be on fish; buckle-up for a fascinating insight into Myles' mind and fishing.

Our third headliner is, cough, a little older than Myles, but has no less enthusiasm or drive. Terry Dempsey has lived and breathed carp fishing since he was a boy, experiencing great hardship and great glory in the decades that followed him opting out of a normal life. Our For The Record interview charts one man's rise from rolling bait by the ton on the bank, to owning a big bait company, and even an appearance on Dragon's Den! You just can't miss what turned out to be one of Elliott’s favourite interviews ever.

The ever-entertaining Scott Lloyd brings us some new content with a distinctly social-media flavour this month, in the shape of his first Essential/Nonessential feature, in which he delves into the tackle bags and boxes of poor, unsuspecting anglers who had the misfortune to simply be set up near him, and exposes the tackle triumphs and disasters that are contained within!

We've also got Martin Pick's brush with A&E, Jack Reid's best blag, Lewis Porter’s schoolboy error, the one that got away from Jonny Mac, watercraft gems from Si Bater, Scott Lloyd's words of wisdom and the thing that made Jake Wildbore say, "What the f*#k?” as well as genuinely unbiased reviews of the new Korda Kontour fluorocarbon and Nash Dot Spods on long-term test.



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