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CYP #019

For #CYP019 we’ve got a real treat for you. As well as the first part of our new BrexCyp series, we’re delighted to welcome big-carp legend, Jim Shelley, to the list of contributors. Relentlessly passionate about carp, occasionally controversial, but never, ever dull, Jim is one angler that we find endlessly fascinating! He’ll be providing exclusive footage from his own fishing in the coming months, giving us a privileged window into the inner workings of this enigmatic angler.

BrexCyp takes us deeper into Europe, just as it looks like the UK is leaving! Part documentary, part road-trip, this first instalment sees Elliott and his right-hand man, Dave Robinson, head deep into France, to fish an ancient cluster of lakes, most of whose carp have never been banked before. If it’s warts and all you want, then this is the feature for you!

Low-key terminator, Ash Bradbury, runs us through the development of the devastating adjustable zig setup, a tactic that has literally changed the way he fishes forever. Now’s the time to take advantage of the knowledge that he dispenses too, as spring zigging can be dynamite!

If that little lot wasn’t enough, we’ve got reviews of new kit from JAG and Prestige, the strangest thing that’s happened to Jonny Mac on the bank, Dave Levy’s biggest watercraft edge, Joe Morgan’s brush with A&E and Jimmy Armstrong’s words of wisdom... something we never thought we’d say...



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